Taweechai Amornsakchai

            The aim of this work was to develop an eco-friendly and biodegradable composite material suitable for packaging edible and health products. Ground chitin and chitosan powder were blended with environmentally friendly polylactic acid (PLA) to create filaments through an extrusion process. These filaments were then used for 3D printing, resulting in composite parts that underwent several tests and analyses.

                The inclusion of chitin and chitosan led to reduced tensile and flexural properties compared to pure PLA. However, both the chitosan/PLA and chitin/PLA composites exhibited improved flexibility compared to pure PLA. Microscopic examination of the composites revealed the presence of voids and particles, reflecting decomposed chitin and chitosan. The composites demonstrated thermal stability up to approximately 257°C, as revealed by thermogravimetric analysis.


                In conclusion, this research suggests that the chitosan/PLA and chitin/PLA composites have the potential for use in packaging food and health products. However, further investigation is necessary to optimize their mechanical properties and address the observed issues, such as voids and particle formation.

Reference: Characterization and Performance of Additive Manufactured Novel bio-waste Polylactic acid eco-friendly Composites”, Mansingh, B.B., Binoj, J.S., Tan, Z.Q., Wong, W.L.E., Amornsakchai, T., Hassan, S.A., Goh, K.L., J. Polym. Environ. 2023, 31(6), 2306–2320 (2023).