Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is considered as an efficient analytical technique for simultaneous identification and quantitation of multiple compounds in soft drinks. Three different types of soft drinks, including a beverage with high sugar content, a diet product, and an energy drink, were used for the method validation. Eleven compounds, including sugars, flavorings, sweeteners, organic acids, ethanol, vitamins, and amino acids were simultaneously analyzed quantitatively.  A comparison with conventional methods showed the suitability of NMR for routine analysis of soft drinks.


Ackermann, S. M.; Dolsophon, K.; Monakhova, Y. B.; Kuballa, T.; Reusch, H.; Thongpanchang, T.; Bunzel, M.; Lachenmeier, D. W. Food Anal. Methods 2017, 10, 827-836.