The color of natural rubber and its products is crucial in determining its technical categorization, economic worth, and applications. In sectors that demand a light-colored raw material, the darker hue of dried rubber poses a significant challenge. We studied the history of the development of light-colored NR, the origin and species of NR color, and the discoloration process and offered solutions for developing light-colored rubber. According to the enzyme darkening phenomenon and the pigment bleaching technology principle, referring to the modern processing technology of light-colored rubber, we propose the following strategy for the production of high-quality light-colored standard rubber: with the selection of high-quality field rubber latex (clones such as PB86, RRIM 600) as raw material, good early preservation of NR latex before processing, and strict compliance to the standardized processing procedure.

Reference: Lv M, Fang L, Yu H, Rojruthai P, Sakdapipanich J. Discoloration Mechanisms of Natural Rubber and Its Control. J. Polymers. 2022: 14(4):764.