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Vichai Reutrakul

Emeritus Professor Dr.



Phone: 02-201-5152
Fax: 02-354-7151
E-mail: vichai.reu@mahidol.ac.th

Room C504
Department of Chemistry, 
Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, 
Rama 6 Road, Ratchthewee
Bangkok 10400 Thailand




  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A., Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, 1971;
  • University of Sydney, Australia B.Sc. Honours, First Class, Chemistry, 1966;

Research Area

Research Area

Research Area

  1. Synthetic methodology, natural products
  2. Development of New Synthetic Methods in Organic Synthesis
  3. Natural Products




  1. Research Grant from The Post Graduate Education and Research Program in Chemistry, Ministry of University Affairs, 2000- Present
  2. TRF Research Publication Award, 2002
  3. Research Grant from The Thailand Research Fund, 1996-Present
  4. Thailand Research Fund Senior Research Scholar, 1996-Present
  5. Research Grant from The National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), 1996-Present
  6. Recipient of Science and Technology Award, Thailand Toray Foundation, 1995
  7. Grant from International Program in Chemical Sciences (IPICS) for Regional Exchange Program, 1994-Present
  8. Research Grant from Task Force on Method for The Regulation of Male Fertility (WHO), 1990-1996
  9. Research Grant from International Organization for Chemical Science in Development (IOCD), 1984-1985
  10. Research Grant from Task Force on Plants For Fertility Regulation (WHO), 1984-1987
    Leverhume Visiting Fellow at the University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia, July-September 1977
  11. Research grant from the International Foundation for Science, Sweden, 1974- 1980
  12. The Rockefeller Foundation Scholarship, 1967-1971
  13. Colombo Plan Scholarship, 1961-1966



Antimicrobial activity of rhodomyrtone isolated from Rhodomyrtus tomentosa (Aiton) Hassk
Natural Product Research / 1 September 2020

Bioinspired stereoselective synthesis of chiral 2,5-diaryl-3,4-dimethyltetrahydrofurans from unprotected 1,4-diarylbutane-1,4-diols
Arkivoc / August 2020

Lanostane derivatives from the leaves and twigs of Garcinia wallichii
Phytochemistry Letters / August 2020
Alkanethiol-Mediated Cyclization of o-Alkynylisocyanobenzenes: Synthesis of Bis-Thiolated Indole Derivatives
Journal of Organic Chemistry / 15 May 2020

Protective effects of lotus stamen extract on uv-b-irradiated skin cells activities
Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology / March-April 2020

Cytotoxic and anti-HIV-1 activities of triterpenoids and flavonoids isolated from leaves and twigs of Gardenia sessiliflora
Phytochemistry Letters / February 2020

Cytotoxic compounds from the leaves and stems of the endemic Thai plant Mitrephora sirikitiae
Pharmaceutical Biology / 1 January 2020

Pyranonaphthoquinone and anthraquinone derivatives from Ventilago harmandiana and their potent anti-inflammatory activity
Phytochemistry / January 2020

Azide-Triggered Bicyclization of o-Alkynylisocyanobenzenes: Synthesis of Tetrazolo[1,5-a]quinolines
European Journal of Organic Chemistry / 14 November 2019

Anti-HIV-1 activities of constituents from the rhizomes of Boesenbergia thorelii
Fitoterapia / November 2019

Cytotoxic polyoxygenated cyclohexene derivatives from the aerial parts of Uvaria cherrevensis
Fitoterapia / September 2019

A new ellagic acid from the leaves and twigs of irvingia malayana
Natural Product Communications / May 2019

Asymmetric Synthesis of Trifluoromethylated ent-Fragransin C 1
European Journal of Organic Chemistry / 31 March 2019

Site-Specific Synthesis of β-Fluorinated γ-Butyrolactams via Decarboxylative Fluorination of β-Carboxyl-γ-Butyrolactams
European Journal of Organic Chemistry / 2019

Synthesis of peri -Diarylated Naphthalimides via Double Decarboxylative Cross-Coupling Reaction
Synthesis (Germany) / 2019

Synthesis of Indolo-and Benzothieno[2,3-b]quinolines by a Cascade Cyclization of o-Alkynylisocyanobenzene Derivatives
Journal of Organic Chemistry / 2019

Stereoselective Synthesis of Tetrahydrofuran Lignans
Synthesis (Germany) / 17 December 2018

Bi(OTf)3 Enabled C-F Bond Cleavage in HFIP: Electrophilic Aromatic Formylation with Difluoro(phenylsulfanyl)methane
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry / August 2018

Electrophilic Aromatic Formylation with Difluoro(phenylsulfanyl) methane
Synthesis (Germany) / 17 May 2018

Bioinspired asymmetric synthesis of (-)-gymnothelignan v
Journal of Organic Chemistry / 6 April 2018

Anti-HIV and cytotoxic biphenyls, benzophenones and xanthones from stems, leaves and twigs of Garcinia speciosa
Phytochemistry / March 2018

Polycyclic polyprenylated acylphloroglucinols and biphenyl derivatives from the roots of Garcinia nuntasaenii Ngerns. & Suddee
Phytochemistry / February 2018

Fluoride-Catalyzed Nucleophilic Addition of PhSCF2SiMe3 to Isatins: Synthesis of 3-(1′,1′-Difluoroalkyl)-3-hydroxyindolin-2-ones
European Journal of Organic Chemistry / 23 January 2018

Oxidative Difluoromethylation of Tetrahydroisoquinolines Using TMSCF2SPh: Synthesis of Fluorinated Pyrrolo[2,1-a]isoquinolines and Benzo[a]quinolizidines
Journal of Organic Chemistry / 19 January 2018

Stereoselective Synthesis of gem-Difluoromethylenated Linear Azatriquinanes
European Journal of Organic Chemistry / 17 January 2018

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