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Departmental Seminar (28 April 2015)

Special Seminar in Chemistry

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science

“Correlation between Structures and Chiralities in Coordination Chemistry”


Prof. Takumi Konno

Osaka University

Tuesday, Apr 28, 2015

10:00 – 12:00


Abstract : In recent years, chiral coordination compounds have received increased attention because of their potential applications in asymmetric catalysis, nonlinear optics, sensors, and multifunctional materials, as well as because of their fundamental significance in modern stereochemistry. The most representative approach for introducing chirality in coordination compounds is the chelation of three bidentate ligands to a metal center, which gives rise to a metal octahedron with either  or  chiral configuration. We have been interested in the rational creation of chiral polynuclear and supramolecular coordination compounds composed of metal octahedrons with chelating thiolate ligands, such as 2-aminoethanethiolate, cysteinate, and penicillaminate. In this seminar, I will present our development on this subject, focused on the correlation between polynuclear structures and molecular chiralities.


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