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Fourth Year
       SCCH491   Selected Topics in Chemistry (Green Chemistry)
SCCH415   Hyp-Tech Analytical Chemistry
SCCH413   Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry II
SCCH414   Environmental Chemistry
SCCH420   Special Topics in Organic Chemistry
SCCH436   Special Topics in Physical Chemistry II
SCCH424   Natural Products
SCCH451   Industrial Chemistry
SCCH452   Special Topics in Industrial Chemistry
SCCH458   Industrial Visits
SCCH465   Plastic Technology
SCCH466   Rubber Technology
SCCH471   Introduction to Material Science
SCCH498   Project in Chemistry II
SCCH499   Undergraduate Thesis
SCCH423   Hetero Chemistry
SCCH425   Bio-organic
SCCH426   Organic React Mech
SCCH439   Computational Chemistry





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