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SCCH122N    Organic Chemistry
SCCH110    General Chemistry
SCCH111    General Chemistry
SCCH112    General Chemistry
SCCH118    Chemistry Laboratory
SCCH119    Chemistry Laboratory
SCCH121    Basic Organic Chemistry
SCCH128    Organic Chemistry Laboratory
SCCH131    General Chemistry I
SCCH135    General Chemistry I
SCID100    Chemistry
SCCH214    Fundamental Analytical Chemistry
SCCH104    General Chemistry II
SCCH109    General Chemistry Laboratory
SCCH113    General Chemistry
SCCH120    Basic Organic Chemistry
SCCH122    Organic Chemistry
SCCH124    Principles in Organic Chemistry I
SCCH132    General Chemistry II
SCCH100OP    Integrated Chemistry (OP)
SCCH100AP    Integrated Chemistry (AP)
SCCH136    General Chemistry
SCCH229    Organic Chemistry Laboratory (Afternoon)
SCCH227    Principle Organic Chemistry II
SCCH161    General Chemistry
scch100as&po    integrat chem as&po
SCCH189    Organic Chemistry Laboratory (Inter)
SCCH172    Organic Chemistry (Inter)
SCCH100SN    Integrated Chemistry (SHNR)
SCCH219    Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (Morning)
SCCH103    SCCH103
SCCH220    Basic Organic Chemistry
SCCH211    Analytical Chemistry I
SCCH223    Organic Chemistry I
SCCH230    Physical Chemistry I
SCCH301    Spectroscopy
SCCH224    Organic Chemistry II
SCCH233    Physical Chemistry II
SCCH455    chemistryII
SCCH201    Chemical Safety and Waste Management
SCCH241    Inorganic Chemistry I
SCCH217    Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
SCCH311    Analytical Chemistry II
SCCH323    Organic Chemistry III
SCCH329    Organic Chemistry Laboratory
SCCH330    Physical Chemistry III
SCCH339    Physical Chemistry Laboratory
SCCH341    Inorganic Chemistry I
SCCH315    Trends in Analytical Science
SCCH317    Practical Instruments in Analytical Laboratory
SCCH335    Surface and Colloids
SCCH348    Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory I
SCCH361    Introduction to Polymer
SCCH381    Mathematics for Chemist
SCCH422    Organic Synthesis
SCCH461    Polymer Material Chemistry
SCCH412    Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry I
SCCH491    Selected Topics in Chemistry (Green Chemistry)
SCCH442    Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
SCCH490    Independent Study in Chemistry
SCCH494    Project in Chemistry (Honor)
SCCH495    Seminar in Chemistry
SCCH497    Project in Chemistry I
SCCH415    Hyp-Tech Analytical Chemistry
SCCH413    Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry II
SCCH414    Environmental Chemistry
SCCH420    Special Topics in Organic Chemistry
SCCH436    Special Topics in Physical Chemistry II
SCCH424    Natural Products
SCCH451    Industrial Chemistry
SCCH452    Special Topics in Industrial Chemistry
SCCH458    Industrial Visits
SCCH465    Plastic Technology
SCCH466    Rubber Technology
SCCH471    Introduction to Material Science
SCCH498    Project in Chemistry II
SCCH499    Undergraduate Thesis
SCCH423    Hetero Chemistry
SCCH425    Bio-organic
SCCH426    Organic React Mech
SCCH439    Computational Chemistry